Cantonese swear words - Tiu Nia Seng.
Can be replaced with Tiu Nia Ma. Literally means fuck your mother.
Dude 1: Hey, your gf is fugly.
Dude 2: TNS lah!!! Better than yours.
by halfway there July 18, 2006
An acronym: Twisted Nut Syndrome. The male version of PMS or a medical problem after being racked where one's testicles are twisted within the scrodem.
I need a beer; i'm TNSing

Sir, i'm afraid you have TNS
by youknowi'mcreativeright November 16, 2010
TNS; The Natasha Syndrome.
An acronym best describing the manic and convoluted antics of a young girl, in the 18-23 age bracket.
Usually follows heavy meds, or insufficient meds; emotional meltdowns and blame misdirection are frequent symptoms.
She's dating girls..but wants to get back with her true love, who is a boy, for a fairytale ending.. love love..blah blah; she's also 18.. Yeah, she's totally suffering from TNS... You don't need that.. now RUN!

She luvs hanging out with you, but trashes you to her family behind your back? Then claims her family disputes are your fault, because everyone likes you more? and she's 19.. lol.. Dude, she's sooo got TNS... now RUN!

by HammerDude21 February 22, 2011
Team No Standards

A group of people whos standards for women are ironically ridiculously high, but regardless of that fact, they get so much tang that it would appear they have no standards.
Kyle and Teag Ward, Massimo Lacerva, Julian Mansour, Frank Hu, Nick Adkins, and Tyler Adkins are TNS.

TNS kids are total whores...No they're not, they're just GODS.
by TNS Ohio June 11, 2010
TNS are the coolest 3 girls ever.
Three Non Sluts.
Dude, we are so tns.
by esautomatica June 05, 2006
Take no shit
She always tns
by Cay kristi October 23, 2015

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