To anyone that thinks the Tan nat or what ev the fuck it is thinks it's cool i;ll make a bet with all of you. I bet by the end of this year wwe will buy out Tna. Abyss already left and so are a couple of more people. Sorry to tell you bitchs but it sux
WCW, ECW are owned by WWE next on it's sight is TNA
by ~Michelle~ January 08, 2005
TNA, otherwise known as "The Nerdlinger Advantage" can come in many forms. Whether in terms of computer hardware, abnormal amounts of knowledge about extremely unimportant/boring/technical aspects of computers or games, or the amount of time spent persuing said aspects, TNA provides the person with a huge advantage over anyone else they are competing with who does not take the activity as seriously as they do. TNA can also be interpreted as a form of disease, as seen in the often-used medical phrase:

"I'm sorry sir, but your son has TNA."

by Rae August 12, 2003
Testicles and Asshole
by 5th Column June 01, 2003
An acronym for "Then. Now. Always." Means something always has been, is now, and always will be. Not to be confused with "T&A" (Tits & Ass).
"I hear your mom has some major T&A."
"Hell yeah she does! TNA!"
by Nick D October 27, 2005
Tits nipples and ass.
She has nice TNA.
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
This is Not an Acronym
There are no examples for this meaning of TNA...its too straight forward
by Civatrix January 17, 2008
Typical Nigger Action
Man: That girl is eating watermelon, kool-aid and fried chicken.
Woman: TNA.
by Maggie19910908 May 25, 2011

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