WCW-Lite. Packed with wrestlers no-one cares about, and WWE cast-offs (which no-one cares about either). Vince Russo's bastard child of logical booking.
Person 1: "Man did you watch TNA recently?"
Person 2: "...No"
by A. User March 12, 2008
A glorified mediocre North American Independent wrestling promotion with no future or anything worthwhile that you couldn't find elsewhere. Usually backed by wannabe smarks without a mite of ring knowledge who live on internet message boards. Ruled with an iron fist by the son of legendary promoter Jerry Jarret, Jeff Jarrent, though not entirely visible on the surface, per se. While the Jarrets are technically minority owners, Panda Energy's (the parent investors) owner's daughter, Dixie Carter, just so happens to run TNA. She also just so happens to be very tight with Jeff Jarret. Nuff said. While the talent (Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, AMW, etc.) and wrestling minds (Mike Tenay, Scott D'Amore, etc.) are all there, the smooth execution of all the aforementioned isn't. Bar none one of the worst, if not THE worst, Heavyweight divisions on North American soil EVER. Their current World Champion is an overhyped, reach-for-the-channel-changer, WWE reject with no credibility who has proven to be a lackluster babyface from the onset of his reign. With Scott Steiner being recently brought into the fold and Kevin Nash's expressed interest in the booking end of things, it's only a matter of time before all the remaining big ECW names will finally be able to appear at the now annual One Night Stand ECW reunion show.
"This week, TNA iMPACT! drew a staggering 1.1 rating!"
by A13x April 17, 2006
Tits 'n Ass OR Talula National Atletics
"That bitch has some serious TNA" ... OR... "That girl is rockin' TNA...from Aritizia"
by shoRty September 21, 2003
Tits'n'ass. ^.^
"Give it up for T'n'A! ^o^ "
by Dave March 26, 2004
TNA stands for one thing, Tits 'N Ass!
Cinemax is all TNA after midnight.
by A$$man February 14, 2009
Tits and Ass. Two of the three best parts on a woman.
All you crows want is TNA. Well theres Donna.
by hac August 28, 2002
A brand sold at Aritzia...most famous in my mind for their spandex tracksuits, winter jackets and sweaters. TNA is mostly worn by Japs and now alot of asians. TNA stands for Talula National Athletics. Tna is slightly pricey and it only barely changes its styles each year. It tends to make everyone who wears it look like a clone.
Omg this year the TNA jackets are only $250 and they have magnetic buttons!! I have to get one in brown..

by Kim C September 03, 2006

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