Total Nonstop Action, the wrestling league where fighters go when they either get fired from the WWE or aren't good enough to get there in the first place.
dude, did you see Jeff Jarret talking shit to Chris Jericho on 'TNA Impact' last night?
by shadowcaster187 January 25, 2006
Basically a copy of WWE that is way more retarded and the wrestling in it sucks balls.
J- Dude did you watch TNA last night?
D- Ya it is so retarded.
by D RY THE SCIENCE GUY May 16, 2007
Tits 'n Ass OR Talula National Atletics
"That bitch has some serious TNA" ... OR... "That girl is rockin' TNA...from Aritizia"
by shoRty September 21, 2003
hey michelle if abbya left in jan. how why did i see him on impact yesterday

tna is total nonestop action
the biggest of the natioal wrestling allinces promotion and the only competion for vince since wwe bought wcw ecw
tna is kool i love the x-division
by xion May 07, 2005
The only reason Trish Stratus wins a match.
If it weren't for Trish's TNA, she'd be working as a checkout chick
by Nay April 01, 2004
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