The best wrestling company in the world. People may bash it, and say fired WWE guys go there. Sting is there, everyone knows who Sting is. I could name 3 times the WWE used the same storyline with 3 different wrestlers. Stone Cold, The Rock (when stone cold was out on the neck surgery), and John Cena. Defiant champion, no friends, fan love him, GM hates him. TNA may not have the million dollar budget, but it's a joy to see wrestling on a wrestling show. I was surprized when i started watching it after the first ECW One Night Stand. That PPV showed me what wrestling should be. TNA focuses on the wrestling, which is what a wrestling company should do. The women in TNA that wrestle actually do so as good as guys i've seen in WWE and in TNA. They are sexy regardless, they don't need to flaunt it like WWE does and not focus on their ability to perform wrestling. A lingerie pillow fight, are you kidding me? Even Team 3D (the Dudleyz) said in an interview that TNA is run and feels like ECW did back in the day. I see the only difference is that they have money. I mean they've had 2 barb wire matches at different PPVs within one year of each other. The closest WWE got was putting barb wire out of the way on top of a steel cage. I converted people to TNA from being die hard WWE fans. I mean the moves some of these guys in their X-Division do are unbelievable. TNA = Innovation. WWE = Worst Wrestling Ever. You want new innovative moves with story lines that are new every month, watch TNA. You want Father Time Flair to keep wrestling when his time has come and gone, and recycled story lines and the same boring moves in every match, watch WWE. The old WWE wrestlers constantly make fun of WWE. the Dudleyz hated working for WWE, but they had families to support. When TNA called them, they went running from WWE because they had enough of Vince's bullsh*t. If you disagree, or want to try and prove to me that they're not as good as WWE, use my e-mail. For the open-minded that agree, use my e-mail too, always nice to hear from the TNA faithful.
Christian Cage (formerly Christian of WWE) his first night on TNA iMPACT!: "I'm not here because I got fired." "When I was younger I had two choices. Go to WCW or WWE." "One show was iinovative and new. It was WWE and that's where I went." "Recently my contract was ending and TNA called me. I looked at their company and they were new and innovative, so I made the decision to come where the competition is."
by April 18, 2008
Top Definition
TNA is a weekly televised wrestling show that is full of predictable nonstop "action". Below is quick break down of an episode of TNA.

- Eric Bischoff cuts a 20 minute promo.

- The commentary team announce the match card.

- A fight breaks down backstage and lasts around 10 minutes.

- A knockouts match is on but ends in about 4 minutes, another knockout beats down the winner and walks off.

- Eric Bischoff is shown talking with Ric Flair backstage until commercial break.

- A tag team match is on, the face team wins but are attacked after that.

- Eric Bischoff and Immortal are talking backstage about taking over.

- The main event ends in a no contest when Immortal beat down the face superstar.

- End of TNA.

This is basically the same every single week but it's okay because they have Hogan, Flair, Russo and Bischoff so it's just like WCW, which was pretty horrible but it's harsh to say TNA is like watching a car crash... because a car crash would have some meaningful confrontation.
by ProperDefinition January 11, 2011
Low budget wrestling league owned and operated by Jerry Jarrett, father of wrestler Jeff Jarrett. Basically wrestling for kids with ADD
I enjoy watching TNA wrestling on saturday nights
by Squishmanchu February 26, 2006
TNA or Total No Action wrestling is thee worst promotion of all times. Most TNA fans are either blind or stupid. Also their show TNA Impact gives away free tickets because they know if they charged, they'll have an empty arena everytime. Not even their dumbass fans would pay for their shit. Factors for TNA sucking include but not all:
-Overdramatic storylines
-Unneeded shock factors
-Untalented worked matches covered blood
-Incomptent authority figures
-Constant constant constant constant WWE references
-Typical need to copy WWE. Unoriginal
-Unconcerned with their wrestler's health
Example 1:
TNA fan: WWE sucks because its PG

WWE fan: If you think it sucks just because it's PG, you're not a true wrestling fan. I rather watch a quality PG match than a typical TNA glorified bloody mess.

TNA fan: We have blood! WWE don't. Hahaha fuck you!

WWE fan: My point exactly...

Example 2:
Jason: Did you see TNA the other day when they ripped on WWE for the Raw guest hosts idea?

Me: Yeah I heard about it. At least WWE can get decent celebrities. TNA could barely get anyone to appear on their shit show.
by CMFuckingPunker June 05, 2011
WCW-Lite. Packed with wrestlers no-one cares about, and WWE cast-offs (which no-one cares about either). Vince Russo's bastard child of logical booking.
Person 1: "Man did you watch TNA recently?"
Person 2: "...No"
by A. User March 12, 2008
A glorified mediocre North American Independent wrestling promotion with no future or anything worthwhile that you couldn't find elsewhere. Usually backed by wannabe smarks without a mite of ring knowledge who live on internet message boards. Ruled with an iron fist by the son of legendary promoter Jerry Jarret, Jeff Jarrent, though not entirely visible on the surface, per se. While the Jarrets are technically minority owners, Panda Energy's (the parent investors) owner's daughter, Dixie Carter, just so happens to run TNA. She also just so happens to be very tight with Jeff Jarret. Nuff said. While the talent (Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, AMW, etc.) and wrestling minds (Mike Tenay, Scott D'Amore, etc.) are all there, the smooth execution of all the aforementioned isn't. Bar none one of the worst, if not THE worst, Heavyweight divisions on North American soil EVER. Their current World Champion is an overhyped, reach-for-the-channel-changer, WWE reject with no credibility who has proven to be a lackluster babyface from the onset of his reign. With Scott Steiner being recently brought into the fold and Kevin Nash's expressed interest in the booking end of things, it's only a matter of time before all the remaining big ECW names will finally be able to appear at the now annual One Night Stand ECW reunion show.
"This week, TNA iMPACT! drew a staggering 1.1 rating!"
by A13x April 17, 2006
TNA or Total Nonstop Assholes is an alternative nickname for the WWE knock off TNA. Unlike WWE, TNA Features Constant nonstop yelling by their washed up wrestlers who constantly act like assholes nonstop.
Justin: Hey Mindy do you like TNA wrestling?
Mindy: No I don't.
Justin: Me neither, its more like Total Nonstop Assholes.
Mindy: I agree with you on that one.
by UncleEddie April 02, 2011
Total Non-Stop Action = Worst name for a wrestling company in the history of the fake, but enjoyable "sport".

TNA is where former-WWE wrestlers ply their trade when WWE Creative has "nothing for them". Its also where wannabe wrestlers who would never make it in WWE can be found.

TNA's weekly iMPACT WRESTLING show is a WWE tribute program featuring several of Vince McMahon's stars of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. The show also recycles old WWE Monday Night RAW story lines.

TNA's month pay-per-view events are watched by millions. CORRECTION: TNA's monthly pay-per-view events are barely watched and cost the company millions each year.
"Did you watch "TNA iMPACT WRESTLING last night?"

"No. If I want to watch a wrestling show, I'll tune into WWE"

"I figured as much. I don't know anyone who likes TNA"
by Vince Venom October 16, 2011
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