Twisted Metal Syndrome. A period of time when you want to fit various guns and missiles on your car and go on a rampage after playing a violent driving game like Twisted Metal, hence the name. Basicaly, another word for GTA Syndrome, minus the weapons on your vehicle.
Pedestrian: AHHH! Fuck, you shot me!!!

Driver: Oh, sorry. I seem to have TMS.
by RidleyOmega April 05, 2010
Top Definition
An abbreviation for "too much swag." To be used when someone displays too much swag. In other words, the person is just too damn cool, is rocking some awesome kicks, and just has that swagger! This person can only be described as having TMS: too much swag!
*Jay-Z walks into the room with a black shirt, black jeans, all black everything.*

Man says: look at jay-z!! TMS!
by dannyoni January 26, 2011
abrev: Too Much Sex
Something that cant happen

Adam: lets go get some bitches!
Carl: No bro my cock is pulsing i just had TMS!
by DelorianDraken July 10, 2011
Abbreviation for "Therapeutic money spending".
I'm feeling down and in need of some TMS.

It's time to do some TMSing.
by LCperm September 28, 2007
Abbreviation of the phrase "Too Much Sometimes."
used primarily to describe the nature of someone's actions or appearance, though it can also be used to describe situations or objects.
friend 1:"Jane says you suck for not coming to her party.."

Friend 2:"Ewww.. whatever.. that bitch has a serious case of TMS."


Friend 1: "hows the new job at the day care?"

Friend 2: "T..M..S.. gurl... no joke.."


Friend 1: "Did you see that guys shirt??? TMS.."

Friend 2: "OMG i know, right?"
by Bobbi2hotti<3 June 28, 2011
Typical Man Syndrome. The equivelant PMS for men, where often at certain times of the month they get selfish, rude, and dont want to be nice to their female partner unless it invloves food, sex, football, or tinkering with the car.
Oh he's got the T M S again.

Shutit and take some T M S pills.

Dont wanna be taking him round the clothes shops today..he's got a bad case of T M S
by mr mangobongoladydude January 28, 2008
text my shit
"facebook status"bout to log off tms if u got the number
by lildee93 November 09, 2011
TMS stands for Tell Me Something
I'm so bored, tms?
by doodlepoodlenoodle June 06, 2010

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