The Maestro Shufflers. One of the most badass shuffle "crews" there are. They dance the Melbourne Shuffle and are damn good at it. Go watch videos of them on youtube!
TMS- Danielzz is a wicked shuffler.
by Sea323 October 16, 2009
temporary moment of stupidity

what happens when normal people do something stupid for no reason. several instances of tms are indicative of something else
person 1: I can't believe you walked into that parked car
person 2: a real tms
person 3: shut up and get me some ice!!!
by T-do December 27, 2006
tms - abbreviation of 'the mighty sketset'
usually a group of girls who go to parties and end up doing sexual things with random boys they do not know that they will either regret or be teased about the. however they never seem to be ashamed as they define themselves as 'mighty' and also have thier own themetune!
"oh my gosh did you hear about them girls last night?"
"yeah! they must be in sketset."

"oi, what was them girls saying?"
"ohh sketset lalalaa, it's thier themetune, thier in tms you see"
by beautifulnightmare July 19, 2009
throwed mind set a waco rap group tha is off tha hook
tms is tha shit
by illwillthakilla March 23, 2009
TMS is an acronym for Too Much silence. While texting a nervous question that u want an answer to the respondant dosent answer in a timely fashion causing you to get worried.
"honey im pregnant" long pause to answer could cause worrya.nd you would text back TMS
by Topgun7 February 23, 2009
Stands for Total Make out Session.

For a make out session to qualify as a TMS, it must last over 30 minutes.
"My girlfriend and I just had a TMS."
"Let's go TMS."
by hhhh64 February 05, 2009
text message sex
Logan: do you want to have tms?
Ashley: yeah!
by denucci November 02, 2008
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