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Too Many Acronyms.
Ladislav- AFAIK your IMAP is FUBAR and POP is not set to take HTML, while the CFD has NTFS and PC has EXT4. ROTFLMAO! NRN.
Paul- TMA!!
by psnack May 12, 2010
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"Too Much Ass".

Sure it doesn't make sense, but it's fun to say. Usually used to describe a female with an anatomy not so much like an hourglass, but more like a pear. Unnaturally wide hips, or just a plain fat ass.

Because, after all, there is such a thing as too much ass.
Damn, that bitch got a bad case of TMA!
by Clayton Bigsby October 17, 2006
"True martial artist", almost always used disparagingly to speak about someone who doesn't like changes in his or her martial art, for a number of reasons. These reasons tend to revolve around either the ability to make money by offering to teach a "pure" form of a martial art, or simply for the aura of legitimacy and lineage.
student 1: "that teacher claims to teach pure JKD, but he really just teaches a sloppy Wing Chun."
student 2: "so he thinks he's a tma?"
by ....omalan July 24, 2009
(Titanium Molybdenum Alloy) Trademark of Ormco corp., defines a superelastic SME (Shape Memory Effect) alloy alternative tpo NiTiNol, which contains no Nickel thus solving some allergic problems. It also exerts an higher tension force when deformed in the martensitic state.
I used this TMA orthodontic archwire instead of a plain NiTi one just to look cool.
by Ephestione February 20, 2005
Trance Music Appreciation Society
Oi man, you are in TMAS right?
by MaRLo January 13, 2015
Too much ass- As in showing too much ass. Not plumbers crack, but when someone pants and shorts are too far down their body and shows too much ass. Paralleling T.M.I. too much information.
Man that is tma, he should wear a belt.
by Coppered January 14, 2011
Too Much Analysis
TMA! Do you really think I care if they spelled a word wrong in the FW I just sent you?
by k_dog September 22, 2008

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