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g0d or g0d
One who owns you
TLS is g0d
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
9 33
Third lung syndrome.

When, instead of a brain, a person has a third lung in the space where their brain should be. Unfortunatley, this means they have a bigger air capacity, allowing them to talk more, but because they have no brain, they don't have the ability to think through about what they're going to say first.

A common name for somebody with TLS is airhead. Which is ironic because lungs of course breathe in air.
Girl: Stands in pudddle. "OMG! Its like all wet and stuff!'
Guy: '*cough* TLS! *cough*'
Girl: 'Whaat?'
by Ishtar. July 24, 2009
23 15
commonly known as Team Light Skinned, theres are many restrictions on entry in this elite group.
john: Can I join TLS?

Tom: No bro you're too dark
by lil beebe September 18, 2012
9 6
TLS stands for talking loud syndrome. if someone talks really loud all the time (or usually ) they have TLS. it is not TALKS loud syndrome. it is TALKING loud syndrome. TLS can be a side effect of headphone syndrome
Dean: hey sarah, why does kaie talk so loud?
Sarah: she has TLS.
Katie: YEAH! I HAVE TLS!!!! A LOT!!!
by justanotherpersonoverhereonud March 06, 2007
11 13
TLS stands for Tommy Lee Syndrome. That is, that the average tall, super skinny white guy is very well endowed in his manhood.
Girl 1: so, did you sleep with that tall, skinny guy from the bar?

Girl 2: yes, and I was totally thrilled that he suffers from TLS
by Special_K115 August 04, 2009
8 14
faghat, oftens eat count dracula for fun, "They Scrape your teeth"
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
3 27
see noob
by itr February 22, 2003
4 29