shortened version of taco bell
why a k? because it sounds better then TCB
Hey i got the munchies lets be out to TKB
by mylittlesnookie December 25, 2009
Top Definition
typical kaffir behaviour
Tourists visiting Africa are cautioned about TKB, for their own safety.
by Koos Viljoen January 29, 2005
Typical Kaffir Behaviour. This is the South African version of TNB, demonstrating how different societies can independently reach the same conclusion on an issue.
Hey did you check that black oke put an axe into his wife's head !!??!! Ag ja man, TKB, it happens all the time.
by Joseph Soapesci January 16, 2010
An Abbreviation of "Take Kare Bro", a term originating from Canada
"i Gotta go"

"Aight mayn, TKB"
by KillaPeg122 March 31, 2009
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