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American chat english for "This Is So Not Fair".
Usually used when parents take away cell phones due to severly high phone bills.
(Yeah this is from the commercial)
Mom: Well I'm taking away your cell phone
Girl: TISNF!!!
Mom: I'll tell you...what's...SNF...
by David Hawaii May 08, 2007
A phrase that absolutely nobody uses, which according to a recent commercial for cingular stands for "This is so not fair."
Mom: "Who are you texting 50 times a day?"
Girl: "IDK, my BFF Jill?"
Mom: "Well tell your 'BFF Jill' I'm taking your phone away."
Girl: "TISNF!"
by Max Maddox May 26, 2007
This is so not fair!
-Tell your bff, Jill, that I'm taking your phone away.
by J. Hallock May 16, 2007
TISNF has become the icon for preppy girls that never seem to stop texting, or have a valleygirl accent. TISNF stands for "this is so not fair" and is taken from a cell phone commercial campaign by cingular, now AT & T. used to imitate women in a sarcastic manner, usually when they flip out about something that's really not that big a deal, throw in a TISNF to get a laugh out of the guys listening.
Commercial lines;

"I'm taking away your phone for a huge bill."

"Mom! TISNF!

"I'll tell you what's.... snf........."

life example;

Girl: Oh my god! I'm freaking out of gum.

Guy (valley accent): Uhh! TISNF!
by the incredible edible Jonny! June 04, 2009
That is so not fair! One of many acronyms that have been created by the IM age (instant messaging) that we live in.
q.v. NBD (no big deal) and BFF (best friends forever).
TISNF, Mom | Dad (When confining kid to bedroom or preventing him from playing a computer game, for example).
by Martin Milner May 11, 2007
abbreviation for "this is so not fair"
mom: you didn't do your chores yesterday
daughter: but i was busy
mom: you are grounded for a week
daughter: tisnf!
by Autum Anderson May 07, 2007
tisnf stand for this is so not fair. it is commonly used in IM
Mom: Beth Ann, I'm taking away your phone
Beth Ann: tisnf!!!
by Madeleine H May 02, 2007
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