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This word is a combination of the name Tim and the word pimp. Taken to mean that this Tim gets all the ladies. Can be read as T-I-M-P.
by TIMP February 09, 2005
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Is when an Australian stripper licks your ass crack until you walk like a British man in Florida with a hot dog in the eye making him limp
Did you see John I heard he just got a Timp, so lucky.
by DickPeanutbutter January 03, 2017
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A tip that happens to also be a "pimp" tip, while using pimp in a mannar that pertains to something being awesome
-hey did you get that deal on the Nintendo DS that i sent you?
-No, i didn't have the money, but thanks for the timp
by byobby May 16, 2006
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Screwing up because of being drugged up
"Are you timping?! Hair isn't THAT cool!"
by Steven Garone February 22, 2004
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a combination of text and simp. texting your girlfriend constantly
kurt, stop timpin and take your beer pong shot!
by dick1134 March 29, 2009
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A "timp" is the name for the piece of skin between your arsehole & testicle keeper (male) or arsehole & flangina (female) also known as guch pronounced gooch.
I came out and when i tried to re-insert quite rapidly, i smacked my coc off her timp & nearly snapped it
by jonnyddon December 15, 2010
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