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The very popular site that hosted forums for the people and clans of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Previously called PS2Nation and TheGameNation.
"Hey Jimbo, message me the match results on TGN."
by CoolBrinkman June 22, 2006
A band located in basingstoke, hampshire.
The band consists of:

Ashley Jones

Terri Gilbey
and other featured guests

They're songs include:
Tom's got nits
Carpark busters
Cafe bebo
and more
person 1 says: omg TGN are so cooool!
person 2 says: IKR they're the best band ever
Person 1 says: FTW
by TGNISAMAZING May 02, 2010
Acronym for "True Garbage Ninja"
Someone who is a total and complete Garbage Ninja.
The guy's a TGN... a total noob that thinks he knows how to roll!
by Level9Germ May 07, 2009
A highly intelligent group of people that corrects bad grammar on facebook, Instagram, and text messages. Sometimes they even chin check people for making bad decisions in life. Acronym for The Grammar Nazis.
Jane: Your really a great friend...

Linda: You're* -TGN
by keezy the virgo June 25, 2012

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