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a term deriving from south park, means to get a blowjob
Tammy: Let's say we go to TGI Friday's

Kenny: WOO HOO
by giggidy gig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hjkh March 26, 2009
Abbreviation for 'Thank God it's Friday'
'Thank God it's Friday!' ('TGI Friday!')
by James Mills July 01, 2005
TGI Friday, short for Thank GOD Its Friday!
Person 1: TGI Friday!
Person 2: I'm glad its a TGI Friday too.
by EvilChocoKitty October 23, 2009
Acronym for:
"Thank God it's Friday('s)"
Now a popular saying, marking the end of the working week and hence attempting to relate the consumer's happiness at the end of the week to going to TGI Friday's and celebrating the weekend.
"Hey, I've had a hell of a week, TGIF(riday); let's go to TGI Friday's and have some fun!"
by Z April 03, 2005
TGI Friday's is the authentic American restaurant and bar.
Hey, you want to go to TGI Friday's?
by The Slater October 08, 2003
TGI Friday's the place were all the surrounding white trash,blacks, and just complete horrible people gather to eat horribly greasy food and lie about it being they're birthday for the free desert and REALLY shitty birthday clap.
TGI Friday's examples:

horrible customer person: yo can i git me one of them bench things

Busser/seater: you mean a booth?

horrible customer person: shut it cracka

stupid customer in middle of meal: i already ate half of my chicken but decided it was cold and there is burnt stuff on it i dont like it and demand you buy me and my familys dinner because of this

servers thought: what a fucking moron you just ate half the food and expect me to get my manager to buy you this when your almost done? fuck you.
by Mike hunt October 21, 2005
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