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Escape the Fate is a Post Hardcore band signed with Epitaph Records and is from Las Vegas, NV. They were signed in 2005 after winning a radio contest held by My Chemical Romance (MCR). Their first album is 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion' which was sung by their first lead singer, Ronald (Ronnie) Radke. After Ronnie got put in High Desert State Prison, the band got a new singer Craig Mabbitt. Craig is the ex-singer of BlessTheFall. He sang in their album 'This War Is Ours'.
ETF fan: It sucks Ronnie's in jail...
ETF fan 2: Yeah, but Craig is pretty awesome too.
ETF fan: Yeah but its not the same.
ETF fan 2: Yeah, but think about it, at least Craig saved Escape the Fate
ETF fan: True.
by EvilChocoKitty June 10, 2009
TGI Friday, short for Thank GOD Its Friday!
Person 1: TGI Friday!
Person 2: I'm glad its a TGI Friday too.
by EvilChocoKitty October 23, 2009
When someone says something shocking and you are extremly surprised.
Person 1: Did you hear about Miles?
Person 2: No...
Person 1: He got to go meet with some bands at Warped Tour
Person 2: Wha-huh!? Uh fair!
by EvilChocoKitty August 28, 2009

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