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7 definitions by The Slater

A wrestling organisation that was owned by Ted Turner and AOL Time Warner until they began losing money and sold out their fans by selling the company to Vince McMahon. WCW was at one time the greatest wreslting organisation in the world, and will live in the hearts of many for a long time.
Person #1: You watch WCW Nitro last night?
Person #2: Hell yeah, Wolfpac 4 Life.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
1557 818
A male companion to share beer and sports with.
Me and my mate go to the PUB every Friday after to work to have a beer and watch the footy.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
380 207
Heavy sweat originating between the ass cheeks.
Look at his pants! He has some major ass sweat happening.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
98 19
A sandal.
Tammy wore he flip flops to the beach.
by The Slater November 28, 2003
101 58
TGI Friday's is the authentic American restaurant and bar.
Hey, you want to go to TGI Friday's?
by The Slater October 08, 2003
44 45
Nickname for Australian Rules Football, no padding, no helmets, just balls.
They play Aussie Rules in heaven, not Rugby.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
206 641
Short for "football", used in Australia to describe Australian Rules Football, Rugby League and sometimes even Rugby Union.
We're off to the footy.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
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