The Gay Center - TGC
The place where all fagots play
Gay Man #1: I'm going to TGC
Straight Man #1: Alright!
by poonany September 26, 2003
Top Definition
Short for The Gentlemens Club - a select group of elite males who enjoy chivalrous acts as well as a cold brew. These men fight against the apparent "dumbing-down" of society and boast the importance of intelligence and goodwill.
There is nothing quite like the TGC, enough said.
by TGCforlife November 29, 2010
The promiced lan...the greatest place on earth where we all go to have a great time with lots of friends. Playing games and watching tv. If you ever come down to Dallas, this place is highly recommended.
"Dude, lets go to TGC"
by Poonany May 29, 2003
Texas Gameing Center the best place in town to play lan games. They also sell bawls and other dirnks and food items.
Dude lets go to TGC and play CS
by g0t w00t May 29, 2003
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