typical fuckin whore
Corey "Did you see what Merrily is wearing today?"
Cathy "Yea, she's a TFW!"
by fr3ak666 November 20, 2007
An acronym for "Temporary Freedom Week/Weekend". Usually implying that your wife/hubby/kids/girlfriend are away for a period of time and you are free to engage in shenanigans.
Guy1 : "What are you up to this weekend?"

Guy2 : "I've got a little TFW going on. Wanna pick up some midgets and get a group orgy going?"
Guy1 : "Those sound like some shenanigans that I would be down for."
by shaky_jake April 14, 2010
The Fucking Worst. A stronger version of 'the worst'. Used to refer directly to someone who is an extreme disappointment.
Just look it up." "But you could definitely think of something." "...Not your bitch." "...TFW.
by doors2108 January 31, 2011
to fucking wasted
anyone here tfw?

abusive to alchohal

drunk beyond belief

not able to fuction
by cj mauri October 14, 2009
An acronym standing for The Fucking Wizard, or someone who has a propensity for handiness with computer-related tasks which may or may not have a nefarious nature.
That guy is totes TFW, that one guy tried to block him from the network like 10 times!
by ShiftOptionK November 05, 2010
Means weird or stranger than usual. Basically the same thing as WTF but to a more extreme.
TFW... what happened here?
by Ventura Macias October 22, 2008
That fncking Welshman. Used to summarise a load of ills.
I am absolutely TFW'd out today. He hasn't stopped talking and none of it has made sense.
by Uncle Whippity January 12, 2004

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