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Means weird or stranger than usual. Basically the same thing as WTF but to a more extreme.
TFW... what happened here?
by Ventura Macias October 22, 2008
The Fucking Worst. A stronger version of 'the worst'. Used to refer directly to someone who is an extreme disappointment.
Just look it up." "But you could definitely think of something." "...Not your bitch." "...TFW.
by doors2108 January 31, 2011
That fncking Welshman. Used to summarise a load of ills.
I am absolutely TFW'd out today. He hasn't stopped talking and none of it has made sense.
by Uncle Whippity January 12, 2004
tfw is an acronym meaning "the fuck what" (usually followed by a question mark)
it's used to express being confused or amazed by something.
It's also used by Star Wars geeks to imitate the way Yoda would say 'what the fuck'
guy #1: Hey, have you heard about that guy that could bend all the way over until his head is under his ass and then shit on himself?

guy #2: tfw!?
by JunkoNL August 07, 2006