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That's Fucking Retarded

most commonly a sudden response to an incomprehensibly stupid comment or statement.
guy 1: 12/21/2012 the world is ending lol
guy 2: tfr

guy 1: yo man i got new spoiler on my civic
guy 2: tfr

guy 1: i got swag man, yolo
guy 2: tfr

fb post :(insert chain msg)
fb comment: tfr

person 1: why don't they land on the sun at night?
person 2: tfr
by ChickenParmHero December 20, 2012
Typical Female Response - Use with caution...
My girlfriend said "Not Tonight" - Umm, typical TFR
by Oggie_dog February 26, 2013
Totally For Real: When such great truth is spoken, few words can be expressed, save for the mere utterance of "TFR"
-"My girlfriend is a total fucking hottie!

-"TFR bro.....tfr...."
by Togepi June 20, 2006
TootieFruityRooster -

1. a very flamboyant homosexual male.

2. Can be used as agreement similarly to "o.K"
"This guy I know down at the bagel factory is a complete T.F.R."

by 5RayLewis2 May 25, 2009
Said as individual letters, meaning "Too Fucking Right". Part of a new language hailing from Kidsgrove in Stoke on Trent, England. A group of friends use sign language, abbreviations and colloquial dialect (potteries accent) instead of normal English. There are some odd noises every so often aswell. See: TBF, Erder Ferder, Pike, Big His Shoe, Neggers Cheggers, Sint Niel
"Well I tellst thee, cowerd woers over!"
"TFR Pike!" *insert hand movements*
by Alex Coleman February 14, 2006
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