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Acronym for "Thank Fucking God" Not that common, but used in message boards.
OMG! At first I thought Mike hooked up with that alien-looking girl, but I was mistaken. TFG.
by Aidan A February 10, 2008
TFG Originated on twitter from @mike_daher

The acronym tfg stands for "Thats Fucking Gay"

very similar to smh "Shaking my head"

It does not mean that is homosexual. It means that is lame, dumb, or stupid.
I failed my math midterm...tfg
by Josh Tidbitts November 05, 2011
Acronym for "That Fucking Guy". Uncommon, but widespread particularly in gamer parlance.
"Don't be TFG"
"I ran into a TFG at the tournament"
"There are a million TFGs on that server"
by Orcboy July 05, 2006
Thanks for (the) game

See also: tftg

A polite remark uttered after the end of a round, game, or other measured interval to thank the opponent for the game.

Notably, an alternative to "gg", for when the game was definitely NOT "good", or to avoid insensitively saying it was a "good game" after you just squashed them into a pulp (or won out of pure luck).
<Player 1> gg.
<Player 2> Dude. Not gg. Definitely not a good game. The draws were awful.
<Player 1> Umm... how about thanks for game? tfg?
<Player 2> Sure. Let's go with that.
<Player 2> tfg
<Player 1> tfg
by Evilbob December 15, 2012
This Fuckin Guy - one considered badass, insane, awesome, or a douche bag. Fits in just about anywhere you feel like putting it, much like thats what she said

May be used in past tense as That Fuckin Guy.
Friend "yo did you hear i threw down and wrecked some shit last night?"

You "TFG right here TFG, always ownin house"

Past Tense
Friend "yo did you hear about Jimmy?"

You " TFG right there TFG, always wreckin shop"
by I fly planes... yyyaaaayyyyyy March 16, 2010
That Fucking Guy. Usually used in reference to a Journey singing, Ed Hardy T-shirt wearing, Big truck driving, Steroid taking Douche Bag. Sometimes refered to as a Bro.
I went to a bar last night and it was nothing but TFGs. Do these guys all get Affliction sponsorships or something?
by Midus1 February 18, 2011
acronym for "taken for granted"
I'm tfg by the man i truly love.
by king07 November 22, 2009
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