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Thank me later.
A: I was getting F5'd, but I guess nothing will come of it...
B: Nah, I primed the pump for u.
A: Dankness.
by drizzake July 11, 2008
The compound product of synthesizing the contemporary formal reference 'Dad' with the anachronistic informal reference 'Pops'; usually it refers to one's father, male guardian, or in instances of dual-male patrimony, the dominant individual.
Stupid child: 'Dadpops!'
Dadpops: 'What, you stupid child?'
by drizzake July 10, 2008
Of or pertaining to draconianism.
Drizzake is a phonetic variant of Draconian.
by drizzake May 29, 2008
A colloquial term, used with particular pertinence to disgusting, hideous, foul, vile, or crazy-gross faculties. Various benefits of its use include its flexible capacity as a prefix, suffix, or interjective qualifier, its powerful tonal inflection capabilities, and the ambiguity of its meaning-a definitive bonus for social enterprises.
'Fuuuuuck, that hersetistic whale, the one with the yeast infection underneath her boobs, yeah, well her facial hair is pretty nayho.'
by drizzake July 10, 2008
Taken Care Of.
Annoying Mother: 'Holy shit did you wash teh dishes, mow the lawn, clean your room, do your homework, mail these checks, call your legal representative back, smoke that dimebag and take a shower?'
Son: 'Shut up, it's TCO.'
by drizzake July 12, 2008
more frequently occuring in individuals whose faces have sustained substantial damage from the epynomous effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, and/or those of mongoloid lineage, this physical trait is seen on a daily basis by nearly everyone on Earth; strangely enough no one has medically defined this deformality of the eye and a cure has yet to be found.
asians can't help their hideous features or their inherent inability to drive, operate machinery, or conduct major motor functions other than tae kwan do: they've simply been contaged with cunt eye.
by drizzake August 06, 2007
Uknown, uncaren; applicable to circumstances wherein the subject is of little personal importance to a constituent, or as a quick, witty response to an esoteric inquiry.
Brother: 'Hey, why wouldn't an editor publish this def?'
Me: 'U.k.U.c.'
by drizzake July 12, 2008

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