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Acronym for "Too Complicated Didn't Read". A variation of TLDR except what has been typed is so far above your head that you need to be a rocket scientist. Also might be TLDR but not necessarily.
Beaker: Mike buddy you missed the party night

Mike: My absence is a result of partaking in meal contaminated by flamboyant oquines lactate salmonella. I spent the entire night gripped by suspicious paranoia.

Beaker: ... TCDR

Robert: He means he had food poisoning and had nightmares all night.
by LargeTrout January 20, 2011
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The Reichian cycle of orgasm and creativity:
Tension, Charge, Discharge and Relaxation

This is said to be the energetic pattern that all successful pursuits in creativity, sex and life in general follow.
Me and my babe have been having pretty good sex but sometimes I get caught in the 'charge' state of the TCDR cycle 'cause I can't stop thinking about your ugly grandma.
by max_freeman August 30, 2012
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