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SPCD is an acronym for "Small Penis Compensation Device". These devices include a wide range of subjects ranging from a 300,000$ Ferrari to an aggressive monster truck on the public roads. Devices also include 5000$ watches, ridiculously expensive suits (clothing)...you get the idea.
Matt: Hey! wanna check out my new diamond studded 4000$ watch?
Kuren: Dude, spare me your SPCD.
by LargeTrout February 02, 2009
It's a Hindi word that literally means "useless". Usually targeted as a mild insult towards slackers and good for nothing mooch offs.
Sonam looked at her good-for-nothing lazy husband and muttered "bekaar" under her breath.
by LargeTrout December 29, 2010
Acronym for "Too Complicated Didn't Read". A variation of TLDR except what has been typed is so far above your head that you need to be a rocket scientist. Also might be TLDR but not necessarily.
Beaker: Mike buddy you missed the party night

Mike: My absence is a result of partaking in meal contaminated by flamboyant oquines lactate salmonella. I spent the entire night gripped by suspicious paranoia.

Beaker: ... TCDR

Robert: He means he had food poisoning and had nightmares all night.
by LargeTrout January 20, 2011
It's like photoshop but for videos. Stupid speak for CGI.
Man, that entire Matrix movie was videoshopped.
by LargeTrout October 25, 2011
Usually an attractive woman or girl present in geeky places and conferences to attract the attention of a geek. You can find them in places where you would last expect to find so many attractive women - career fairs at linux conferences, linux meetings/conferences.

They usually have a see-through bra, dress with nipples poking out or low cut cleavage dresses aimed to attract the virgin (talented and hardworking) geek.
Tom: Man, those chicks at Linuxworld in SF were so f**king hot, i didn't know chicks who dressed like that are into geeky stuff like i am.

Matt: You idiot, those were geekbait
by LargeTrout August 23, 2007
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