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The Gettin' High Teepee
We call it "dooby snacks"!
by Chronic Munchies March 31, 2005
TCC is an all girl gang in Seattle. Their initiation is a mystery, but one has to do with a picture. A good sign to tell wheither they are a member is their right ear has a cartilage piercing. As any gang, they are very tight and loyal, but none of them will deny that they are a member of the gang.
"Is that boy part of the TCC?"

"No man, TCC is all girls."
by Kate Reina April 24, 2008
TCC: Is short for 'True Crime Community' it is a bunch of women/men (mainly on tumblr), I wouldn't say obsessing, because most of their posts/blogs I've seen are informational and not obsessive. They basically have an interest in crime and show that interest online. It's nothing to get scared of, just kids expressing themselves, they won't do any harm :).
Jim: Woah!! Did you see Sue Klebold came out with a new book?
Alyssa: Yeah, I'm in TCC! I've known about it for a while! You can borrow my copy of you want too!
by RealNiggaTommo June 18, 2016
Where all the stoners go. Also, booty
Hay guys whut shuld I name my pipe lol
by lolocaust December 23, 2003
"Projects like "Quake Done Quick" must surely be the product of a TCC personality."
by Karl The Pagan February 25, 2004
True Crime Community
A: Babe are you from tcc?
B: Of course bae my fave killer is Ted Bundy, what about u?
C: God, we need to marry!!!
by god--lied--us July 12, 2016
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