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A type of drawing similar to "Graffiti"

In which the user draws there name for Example in a fast and "quick" style.

then when finished adding Arrows or heats to it.
Guy1: Hey look at this!

*quick tags*

Guy2: What is it?

Guy1: Quick-tagging n00b!

Guy2: Looks like a scribble to me.

Guy1: ...
by Facyface June 18, 2009
I think I might be in love with you.

Girl Text: Same here.
by Facyface June 18, 2009
On a website or forum when you can't answer someones quote so you use ( :J ) and say, "ColonJay eated my quote."
by Facyface June 18, 2009
Stands for "The Bell Tree"
Hey where do you go to hang out?

by Facyface June 18, 2009
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