The Best Shit. Ayy you know what the SHIT is!
That's TBS!
by ChechChon April 20, 2010
Acronym for "To Be Stopped." You use this when you are referring to something that needs to be eliminated from society.
Man, Jay-Z really needs TBS. I can't stand looking at his big flappy face.
by Sean February 14, 2005
Taking Back Sunday, probably the most wannabe emo band ever. They obviously try way too hard. All of their songs sound exactly the same, and they have been known to lure young kids into buying their albums using methods of mind-control.
The members of Taking Back Sunday are pedophiles, and if you've seen the cover of their latest album, you'd know what I mean.
They also have a really big fanbase of a bunch of loser fake punk rockers who act like everything that happens to them, they should go and turn on a TBS album and cry and cut themselves.
It's wrong.
I hate TBS, they are not emo.
by Drunken Hobbit January 04, 2005
Turn Based Strategy. Refers to a game where each player takes a turn, such as Civilization.
My Siphai crushed the puny Europeans in Civilization 3.
by Elitist December 28, 2003
Taco Bell Shits
Hey John, you wanna hang out today?
I can't man, I have TBS.

My stomach is killing me, damn TBS.
by NubsterTM April 09, 2015

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