A deliberate misspelling of "tbh".
ape: I don't know about the future tbj
MO: mmm he's my gayboy tbj
by insane gone ape September 13, 2010
Top Definition
-An act of receiving multiple blow jobs
-Stands for Triple Blow Jobs
1. Yo! Andrew be gettin' TBJS from Margarita, Pedra, and Susie.

2. I'm so stressed out, I would kill for some TBJS.
by iamfreakingawesome1234 November 21, 2012
TB - Taco Bell
BJ - Blow Job

TBJ- eating Taco Bell while getting a Blow Job.
Mike: "How did your date go last night?"
Jon: "Shes a keeper. I got a TBJ."
Mike: "Definitely a keeper."
by andrei3500 April 05, 2011
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