One of the greatest southern rappers out there. Comes from a real hood background, and is lyrically advanced in his raps. Girls say he's sexy. Starred in #1 movie Takers. Married to Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle. Would have more rep than Wayne if he didnt get in so much damn trouble with the law.
Girl: OMG T.I. is sooooooo cute, he can do better than that bitch Tiny

Stupid Guy: Naw ho, T.I. sux balls, listen to gucci mane or rick ross, ohhhh yea and my nigga soulja boy!!(Starts dancing)

Smart Guy: yo retard T.i. is what we need to save the rap game, rick ross is a fat ex- cop, gucci mane is the biggest poser, and soulja boy is a 19 year old dancing faggot

Girl: And T.I. is soooo cute. Those guys are ugly

Stupid Guy: Naw Ricky Ross is hard

Smart Guy:No he's fat and so fake

Girl: and T.I. is cuter

Smart Guy: oooooooooooooook yea

Stupid Guy: man fuck y'all, im bout to turn my swaggggg onnnnnnnnnn

(Stupid Guy starts dancing, grows up to live a lonely life of masturbation while gucci and rick ross' careers go up in flames, soulja boy gets shot at a concert. Smart guy and girl, grow up and get married and fuck every night to T.I. "Whatever You Like")
by OnPointHustler September 28, 2010
That's it!

Note: My friends and I have been using this a lot when we get frustrated and want to end conversations quickly.
Ti! ttyl!

That's it! Talk to you later! Ti! Tired of your sick shit! Ti! You are on my no-call list Ti! We are done here! Ti! You are an idiot!
by Aduafina August 14, 2011
Sexy, Gorgeous, Charming, Handsome, Cute and Number 1
King Of The South
Loveable :D
From Atlanta Georgia
Born 25th of September 1980
Married to Tiny Cottle
And is the sexiest Rapper and human alive :D
All his songs have meaning and are awseome
I Love T.I. <3
by Angelfire...x November 24, 2010
TI = Targeted Individual.
Michael Jackson could have been a TI.
by Omnisense October 10, 2014
Transgender Individual, much easier than saying the full word and much nicer than saying tranny.
Hello, It's nice to meet you. May I ask if you're a t.i.
by chemore24 February 14, 2015
The antonym of IT (Information Technology)
Definition: Technically Illiterate
Mike: I think I might be TI
Me: Why?
Mike: Well I just got my internet hooked up at home, and I went to It asked me to sign in, and asked for my email address, and my address, and a password, then it asked for my cell phone number, so I filled it in, and then I got a call 2 minutes later, tell me that I had signed a contract agreeing to pay $5 a week for text messages.

Me: Oh, dear. You were raped by the internet.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 12, 2010
The act getting busted by the ATF for buying illegal machine guns and silencers either by
(1) Doing it yourself
(2) Hiring a bodyguard to do it for you - all because you are a convicted felon who cannot own guns.
Puff Nappy's eyes got REAL BIG when he was suddenly "TI'ed" as he took possession of those illegal machine guns he purchased to take back to da hood.
by You Got Busted!! ha ha October 15, 2007

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