A short abbreviation for "take it"
P1: Baby can I get your boobs?
P2: TI
by 666-667 January 03, 2008
Telephone interpreting
The act of translating between two languages consecutively on the phone for two or more parties. TI can be done verbatim, that is literally, or by reflecting the overall meaning.

I couldn't understand a word of what the mexican customer was telling me, so I called the TI company to help me out.
by pucatoro November 19, 2005
Terminal Idiot...for being arrested and sent to jail AGAIN for another YEAR and disappointing all his fans that were waiting forever to get his new album and seeing him hit the music scene hard no he is going to hit the jail cell hard and thats it.
did you see that nigga getting arrested? he is a god dang T.I.
by ilovetiieventhoughheisanidiot October 23, 2010
Texas Instruments, the rich calculator company that forces smart kids to pay if they wanna take Honors Algebra II or some higher math course.
We will rob you because we are TI.
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
T.I.=Je ne sais quois.
T.I.= Je ne sais quois.
...A King with a style as mean as the
Earth's seen.
by a.k.a. banana-daiquiri-ice May 02, 2005
1)Can stand for Teen Institute, a group dedicated to helping young adults avoid substance abuse. Is somewhat similar to SADD, but sometimes people are slightly less likely to join it just cause their friends did. In some schools, TI and SADD are combined due to their similar goals.
2)Texas Instruments, manufacturer of many fine calculators, such as the TI-83 (a godsend for algebra students), TI-84, etc.
1) "They went to the TI meeting."
2) "I have a TI-83 calculator. w00t!"
by killerfiller December 05, 2005
The 7th note in the scale, solfege style.
do re me fa so la TI do.
by Yeeaaaaah May 21, 2005
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