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when your sitting on the toilet and you challenge the person sitting next to you in a shit war. After you have finished, pick the shit up and measure it. Based on who has won, wipe your shit on the loser and piss on their face. Diareahh automatically wins and in the case of a draw, the person who eats their shit faster WINS
lets go pull a t-white in the bathroom
by Q-Man888888 December 03, 2009
Noun: A complete Thug Gangster who doesn't take anything from anybody
Verb: To get a girl pregnant
James: Yo man who that be?
Rober: I don't know bro.
James: Well don't mess with him he looks T-White

Jose: Yo man that was a sweet party last night.
Dominique: Not really man I pulled a T-White!
Jose: I told you to use protection dawg
by Johathan February 03, 2008