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a warm, gurgling belch that regurgitates the semen swallowed from felching.
While a felch belch can be experienced by anyone who partakes in the act of felching, it is most common in the gay world.
by boombala September 10, 2006
Fluid from a woman's vagina. It is usually excreted during sexual excitement and orgasm.
That guy is so hot that I had puss sauce all over my panties.
by Boombala November 25, 2006
To get fucked over or embarrassed.
I got dagoed 2 days of vacation.
by Boombala January 06, 2007
A lower class, uneducated, poor white person-White Trash
It is a noun and an adjective. When someone does something characteristic of a white trash person, you can say. That is so White-T. As a noun, You are totally White T.
by boombala September 10, 2006
To have intercourse while piloting an aircraft. The altitude must 5,280 feet MSL not AGL. In other words, one cannot park on Denver Airport property, bang each other, and earn their wings to the Mile High Club.
I was inducted into the Mile High Club while flying a Cessna 172.
by Boombala November 25, 2006
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