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Short form for T.O. (TEE-dot-OH) aka Toronto


TDot (TEE-dot)

Hey let's go up to TDot and check out the Rogers Centre and CN Tower
by CaJuaL November 26, 2007
T.O. - Toronto Ontario. The "Dot" is the "O" for Ontario. AKA, "TEE OH"
They blaze mad smoke in t-dot.
by WebFluid December 01, 2003
The t-dot is short for Toronto. Its slang used mainly by wiggers like Sean Desman and "gangsters". I am a wigger, so I use it, but whatever. I'm an exception because I be cool, yo.
"Heyuh girlie! A/S/L?"
"Yo yo am 16/f/T-dot"
"Ye ye." *smiles proudly*
by Sonja May 04, 2004
Truly tha best place.
if u noe t-dot, u noe section 6 and jane and regent park baby
by diva March 08, 2003
referring to the abbreviation for the Canadian city Toronto (T.O.). Also short form for T dot to the O dot. Also known as TO (tee o).
The Caribana festivities bring a lot of tourist dollars to the T Dot.

That fine chick I met at the club was from T Dot.

by BGeo May 16, 2008
T-Dot is a street term for Toronto, the realest city in the world, colours out populate the white 60 40 in T-Dot, know dat
T-Dot is the NYC north, know dat, Go raptors
by zaidoggy February 12, 2006
T.Dot means Toronto
-T.Dot=Toronto Ontario,Canada
yo nigga ima go to T.Dot tomorrow wanna come?
by toO b3auty-ful 4 yu August 21, 2006