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a fag that thinks he better than Nasty Nas but really jus talks about his cash money and supposed hoes. he is an ugly ass "rapper" and hip hop is dying, and hes killing it
Gay Z aint shit.
by tha_rugged_child May 11, 2003
tha illest and realest come back to Gay Z's Super Ugly remix. yo check dat out, Nas ripped it. holla
(I) Fuck with your soul like ether
(Will) Teach you the king you know you
(Not) "God's son" across the belly
(Lose) I prove you lost already

Gay Z you suck
by tha_rugged_child May 12, 2003
wa scarborough has become with tha outbreak of sars
lets go chop some guys at sarsborough town center
by tha_rugged_child May 31, 2003
hip hop is tha voice or expression through music on a lyrical level, produced wit tuff beats. this form of music shows people who came from nothing and have made something of themselves. ex. Master P is one of tha richest men in tha world and has been in tha game for a minute.
"...so whats the differece between rap and hip hop? its like saying your in love and being in love. rap is just a word..."

Brown Sugar: for eliterate people its a movie
by tha_rugged_child May 12, 2003
tha illest city in Canada and tha biggest city in Ontario. Home to tha finest women, best reggae dancing skills, and best clubing you will eva know. few turfs to shout out, PARADICE rep till death homie! GALLOWAY, MALVERN wuz really good wit that beef? REX, AJAX, BELAMY, DEAN PARK WAYS, wuz really good yall.
if you aint been to Caribana, then you need to reach T Dot in da summa times.

by tha_rugged_child May 12, 2003
yo reppin till death, PARADICE word up man
where you live at homeboy? holla at cha girl
by tha_rugged_child May 27, 2003

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