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A way of saying Toronto used by stupid Canadians.

Torontonians try super hard to get T. Dot to stick as a nickname because they want to be cool like LA, New York City or Miami. Deep down, Torontonians know that their city just isn't as bad ass or exciting as American Cities, so they have to try extra hard to compensate for their inferiority complex.

Toronto's sports teams all suck and the city just isn't very distinctive.
Stupid kids from Ontario, Canada like to wear Blue Jays hats wigger style with the sticker on the peek and hang out in front of their neighborhood 7/11 and loiter.

Most Canadians who call Toronto "T Dot" are soft little Christian mama's boys who have probably never even seen a handgun, let alone touched or fired one. Even the so called gangsters in Toronto, Canada don't live dangerous lives compared to ones in the USA.

Toronto, Canada is like the mashed potatoes without the gravy.
by annoyed-by-phonies-5768 February 19, 2010
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