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Relating to a security vulnerability or exploit that has not been released or known about by the general public. Often begged for on lists such as "Full-Disclosure" by kiddies.
Sometimes lamers will call it Ohday (OH-day)
1. Full-Disclosure Where teh 0day

2. Damn I must've got pwned by some 0day.
by h4x0r June 22, 2004
Tasty cheese.. And slightly mild.

Otherwise known as the godlike peices of yellow stuff that man worships.

Warning! Eating too much will get you addicted! So.. Watch teh fuck out.
He ate some mildcheese, then couldn't stop
by h4x0r September 22, 2004
Old, high level programing langauge. Mostly out dated, still useful for simple mathematical/accounting applications. very simple to use
"I made that prog in COBOL"
by h4x0r November 16, 2003
This is teh coolest kid ever. He is 1337 at counterstrike and everything else.
Man i wish i was Colinnium cuz then i'd be 1337.
by H4x0r June 25, 2003
It's 6:28 again.
by h4x0r January 23, 2003
Threat to the online community. IT Security expert, software engineer, network engineer, this is one bad do0d. When the name 'rain' is around, JTM is sure to be right around the corner. Should you run into either of the two, please unplug your modem and proceed to the nearest exit.
My site was defaced. The words "Rain says hello" were put across the main page.
by h4x0r September 02, 2003
to smack a girl on her forehead with your dick as a punishment
you need to discipline her
by h4x0r October 01, 2003

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