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An extemely affluent town on the famously rich North Shore of Long Island. Most residents have egos as big as their bank accounts and enjoy cruising in their expensive foreign cars.

Syosset High School is ranked one of the best high schools in the country and has a student parking lot containing cars much pricier than those found in the faculty parking lot.

Syosset, or SYO! is largely Jewish, with a large number of workers commuting to NYC every day.

The average home price in Syosset recently surpassed $1.6 million
Be careful of that one, she's from Syosset.
by Syooooo September 19, 2007
A small town on the North Shore of Long, Island. Has a great school, but is ultimately a very average town. Those who live here are convinced that they live in an extremely affluent area, but they dont. Syosset is SLIGHTLY above average and is not upper class but upper MIDDLE. It is made up of a bunch of tiny homes, condos, and a TRAILER PARK. Syo is a town full of wannabes who like to stand on their wallets but when doing still end up standing short. Syosset High School does, however, have wealthy students. In fact, Oyster Bay Cove and Muttontown are some of the wealthiest towns on LI. But Syosset is….just not. Basically, almost everyone in SHS is braggy and self-absorbed, but Syosset kids are the worst for they lack the assets to back it up.
Oh, you're from Syosset? Oy vey.
by sglg February 21, 2011
A town located on Long Island. There are lots of affluent residents and most all have a good amount of money. Houses are ridiculously expensive, with small split-level houses often running for upwards of $650k and houses rarely selling for under $1M in some areas. Taxes are also VERY high.

Syosset is one of the best school districts in the country, with Newsweek magazine ranking Syosset HS as the #42 high school in the United States. Students receive very good grades. College Day at this school is characterized by many students in sweatshirts for Ivy League and other high ranked schools.

Syosset's population is largely Jewish. The kids spend their summers at camp, located often in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, and weekends spent at least one bar or bat mitzvah. Syosset has a lot of students falling under the "Jewish American Princess" stereotype, usually rich girls, but not all Syosset students are like this. Many are nice, smart, and driven." Syosset also has a huge Asian population, with up to 1/3rd of the student body being of East Asian ancestry. Most of these kids have parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Asia; they rarely speak English and expect highly of their children. Many honors classes at SHS can be found as having a majority Asian population, and these students are obnoxious about their superficial intelligence.

Although Syosset has its ups and downs, it is overall a pretty good place to raise your children, especially if you want them to succeed.
"I went to college at the University of Michigan and my best friend is named Carly Goldman. She's a total JAP, but I love her."

"Is she from Syosset?"

"Yeah! How'd you know?

"My friend at Cornell, David Chung, is from Syosset, too."
by Jay6620 May 22, 2015
An exceedingly rich town located on Long Island. Residents in Syosset are diversed, and there is a large Jewish population. Many of these kids spend their weekends going to sweet 16's or bar/bat mitzvahs, each one has probably been to at least 10.

Syosset is home to many of the hottest girls in New York, and they all go to country clubs and spend weekends with their friends.

The Syosset High School is one of the best high schools in the United States, and teachers are paid a whole lot. But, there also is a lot of drinking in this school.

Homes in Syosset are extremely expensive pricing sometimes millions of dollars.

Syosset Girls aren't always your typical "jewish-american princess" that dresses in Juicy Couture and Prada".
They have extremely nice taste in clothing, but they might have up to a couple of closets full of clothing.

There is not that much black residents in Syosset, but there are a lot of asian residents. And Syosset is home to some of the hottest asian and caucasian girls.
Woah, shes hot, shes definately a Syosset girl.
by alexkolosakas April 11, 2010
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