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A small town on the North Shore of Long, Island. Has a great school, but is ultimately a very average town. Those who live here are convinced that they live in an extremely affluent area, but they dont. Syosset is SLIGHTLY above average and is not upper class but upper MIDDLE. It is made up of a bunch of tiny homes, condos, and a TRAILER PARK. Syo is a town full of wannabes who like to stand on their wallets but when doing still end up standing short. Syosset High School does, however, have wealthy students. In fact, Oyster Bay Cove and Muttontown are some of the wealthiest towns on LI. But Syosset is….just not. Basically, almost everyone in SHS is braggy and self-absorbed, but Syosset kids are the worst for they lack the assets to back it up.
Oh, you're from Syosset? Oy vey.
by sglg February 21, 2011

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