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A very tough olympic sport that is a combination of swimming, gymnastics, weightlifting, and ballet. Routines are ususally done in a team (4 -8 swimmers), combo (up to 10 swimmers) solo, duet, and trio. While during practice, swimmers wear regular swimsuits, goggles, noseclips, and hair caps, during competitions swimmers wear knox gelatin in their hair along with make up and are not allowed goggles. They also wear matching decorated swimsuits. The noseclip is the most important piece of equipment to a swimmer. It blocks water from entering the nasal cavity and affecting the swimmers performance.

Many synchro swimmers practice 5-10 hours a day for six days a week. Swimmers say the feeling during a routine is like a 400 yard dash while holding your breath.
kid 1: Hey, yesterday in the pool, I was trying synchronized swimming.
kid 2: Really?!?! Awww shucks, that is such a neat sport.
by synchroswimmr April 16, 2007
To collectively pee on somebody.
We did a little synchronized swimming in the bathtub and yada yada yada, her hair hasn't smelled the same since.
by zarch April 06, 2008
A form of group sex used with very loose vaginal orifices.
We had a synchronized swimming session with Charlene.
by anjr00 July 17, 2003
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