sydney is generally a beautiful, nice, spontaneous girl. she is usually quiet and shy, but around her friends she is outgoing. friends go to her for advice, because she knows what she is talking about. when you compliment her, she is always flattered, but doesn't see it in herself. she is beautiful, and if you tell her that, it will mean so much to her. she is a great friend, and an even better girlfriend, who will give a guy all the time in the world. if you have her, never let her go. sydneys are crazy, wild creatures, but are truly amazing. Her eyes are a mesmerizing olive-green, and they turn grey in the winter. she has passion for arts and music, and is in fact brilliant, though she may not show it. if you and a sydney are friends, you can trust her because she will not betray you. she has a guilty conscience, so she will always try to keep everyone happy. Her body is perfect, curvy rather than anorexic-skinny, yet her personality is even more perfect. She likes holding hands, cuddling, eating food like a regular human, and mismatched socks. When she likes a guy, don't be surprised that she doesn't go for the popular ones. Her fashion sense is unique, like her personality. Her faults are singing too loud and being clumsy. Don't betray the trust of her, though. She gives second chances, but isn't stupid and naive. Be kind to her, like she is to you. Sydney is the most spontaneous girl you will ever know, and she is not one you should take for granted.
"Wow, my girlfriend is too great. I really got to see her creative side."

"Is she Sydney?"

"You bet!"
by inlovewithsyd November 05, 2012
The true capital of Australia.
"Damn Canberra...Sydney owns your ass"
by [NINJA.annie :)] October 02, 2009
A beautiful, pure girl. Soon to be a woman. She is confident, gorgeous, all the guys love her, she has awesome style, and if you need her she'll be there. She doesn't get hurt to easily, but if you truly hurt her, it cuts deep. She is a girly girl, but also a tom-boy playing rugged sports meant mostly for guys. If this girl comes into her life.... dont let her go because you will be so sorry. She may seem so shy at first but take a point to know her. Because Sydney is amazing... in and out.
Sydney is so pretty today
by sillybean January 05, 2011
A broken girl that stays strong on the outside. Been through so much but always has a smile on her face whether it's real or not. Music is her passion. Kind of tall and a big butt. She also has a big mouth and tends to speak her mind. Is very sarcastic and funny, she always has somebody laughing. she loves being active and meeting new people. Afraid to trust people so if she learns to trust you she's yours forever. Doesn't fall in love very easily and if she says, "I love you." to you she really means it. Sydney tends to be attracted to older guys and stays faithful. She is afraid of being hurt so take care of her. She is very mature but has an immature side. Everybody loves Sydney when they meet her and she has problems getting close to people. She is very pretty and has amazing eyes. She's blonde and has an amazing smile. She is perfect in every way and if you don't have a Sydney you're lame. She is so great and everybody wants to date her but she stays single. being single is er thing and she loves to party!! A party isn't a party until she arrives. She is amazing and perfect in every way.
Sydney is so great I can't believe you don't have her
by memyselfandii November 06, 2011
Noun: a term for saying (the greatest girl in the world).... she will take your heart and make it ten times bigger.... she is great at bieng a good friend and tends to giggle alot! although that isnt a bad thing because her gigle is AMUZING! She likes to LURB her boyfriend and willl stop at nothing to make him pleased>
how SYDNEY of you !
Sydney is an awesome place to live. Great culture. Great Food. Is not overly obsessed with AFL as some cities are (Melbourne).
Sydney is one of the best cities in Australia
by Sydneysider May 10, 2008
The most amazing person you'll ever meet! Absolutely beautiful, halarious, and intelligent. Usually is foccused on one or two sports such as soccer and hockey and masters them. Very dedicated to her work and social life. Not always the most beautiful person on the outside but the inside is amazing <33 When everyone else are wearing booty shorts, she's wearing normal shorts (not a slut) Usually dresses beautifully everyday and even if she were to run a 5km marathon she's still look amazing! You could meet her one day and be best of friends with her the next. Basically an all around perfect person! <333
Guy 1: Man she's absolutely beautiful, I think I'm in love
Guy 2: Then go for it, ask her out
Guy 1: Dude, I'm too ugly and fat, she'll never say yes
Guy 2: Have you met Sydney? If you're close enough as a friend to her she'll give you a chance
Guy 1: Thanks bro
by laguy97 July 10, 2011

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