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a quirky, clumsy, weird, funny, beautiful, tempting, aluring, sexual, suggestive, soccer ass-kicking brunette chicka.

the only way to be.
Dude, that girl is so Sydney.

I was I was as Sydney as her.
by yourimagination. July 07, 2010
sydney is generally a beautiful, nice, spontaneous girl. she is usually quiet and shy, but around her friends she is outgoing. friends go to her for advice, because she knows what she is talking about. when you compliment her, she is always flattered, but doesn't see it in herself. she is beautiful, and if you tell her that, it will mean so much to her. she is a great friend, and an even better girlfriend, who will give a guy all the time in the world. if you have her, never let her go. sydneys are crazy, wild creatures, but are truly amazing. Her eyes are a mesmerizing olive-green, and they turn grey in the winter. she has passion for arts and music, and is in fact brilliant, though she may not show it. if you and a sydney are friends, you can trust her because she will not betray you. she has a guilty conscience, so she will always try to keep everyone happy. Her body is perfect, curvy rather than anorexic-skinny, yet her personality is even more perfect. She likes holding hands, cuddling, eating food like a regular human, and mismatched socks. When she likes a guy, don't be surprised that she doesn't go for the popular ones. Her fashion sense is unique, like her personality. Her faults are singing too loud and being clumsy. Don't betray the trust of her, though. She gives second chances, but isn't stupid and naive. Be kind to her, like she is to you. Sydney is the most spontaneous girl you will ever know, and she is not one you should take for granted.
"Wow, my girlfriend is too great. I really got to see her creative side."

"Is she Sydney?"

"You bet!"
by inlovewithsyd November 05, 2012
Sexy. Great Kisser. Really fun to be around, likes to laugh. Dosent tend to put up with fake bitches. Says stupid stuff alot, but most people love a sydney, usually short and beautiful. Sydney will always make you laugh with the dumb shit she says.
Sydney: AFRICA !
Other person : No that's south america.
The sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is strong, confident, smart, and beautiful. She is kind as can be, but will never be walked over. she is no one's doormat. She is sometimes clumsy but in the cutest way possible. She is beautiful and her looks can make even the strongest man's heart stop. Her body is amazing though she stays humble when mentioning her features. She put a smile on even the most depressed mans face. She has the ability to choose any one she pleases. So to be loved by her is a very valuable thing because she has been hurt many times before. To hurt her is life taking a knife to your own heart. Though many men may want her, if you have her, keep her safe from them. For many men do not know how to take care of a young woman like Sydney. She is sexy and fierce. She has an embrace that makes you want to hug her and never let her go. It is understandable to be somewhat jealous when others have her attention because having her interest is a meaningful thing. She is everything and more. She is a mixture of all things, just like her favorite color: white. She is likes a rush and to try new things. If you want her, make sure that you switch things up, for she does not like to fall into the usual. She is nothing like any other woman. She is Sydney.
I hope Sydney knows I love her
by blue67 white22 August 02, 2011
Sydney is someone who you can always trust. Her outgoing attitude may make you think otherwise, but she never tells anything. She is gorgeous. Occasional freckles, brown eyes, brunette, sexy body, tan, and perfect. BEAUTIFUL smile. Her positive attitude and radiance can brighten anyone's day. Being single is her thang. Once you hurt her, you are done. And if she isn't accepted, she doesnt care. She doesnt point out flaws, because she finds no point. She makes wise decisions. People around her encourage her to do bad things, but she has never accepted. She has more common sense than anyone. Is a big reader. But tries to excell in school even if its hard. Generally a soccer or volleyball player, modest about her incredible skill and speed. Can kick your a$$ and doesnt give payback only if it is 100% needed. Really funny. She is so confident and secure about herself that her amazing personallity just comes with the package. Dont get on her bad side, trust me. NEVER make the mistake of losing her because she is really hard to get back. Ideal for Long-Term relationships, and does only what is needed. Whoever meets her, automattically falls head over heels.
She is perfect in every way, and if you dont believe this...than im sorry, you're an idiot.
That girl over there is amazing. She must be a Sydney.
by dropitlikeitshawtt June 23, 2011
Sydney is a true friend. Someone who always listens. She is forgiving and kind, and basically couldn't be mean if she tried. She sings like an angel, which makes sense! She wears her hair straight, even though it's naturally wavy, and it looks adorable that way! She is so pretty, any guy would be lucky to have her! She is my best friend, forever and ever! Sydney is the definition of sweet and sincere :)
me: I'm so sad:(

Sydney: Oh no! What's wrong? You know I'm here for you.

me: Of course, you're Sydney!
by flowersandstars June 05, 2011
Awesome Unique Person, Who is my best friend practically Sister.
In the future, if were not Best friends anymore,

Dont forget me -Keila
Sydney; I wana wear bunny ears to school today!
Me; Why? It's not even Easter.
Sydney; Why not =)
by ItsCookiesAndKay April 29, 2011