Awesome Unique Person, Who is my best friend practically Sister.
In the future, if were not Best friends anymore,

Dont forget me -Keila
Sydney; I wana wear bunny ears to school today!
Me; Why? It's not even Easter.
Sydney; Why not =)
by ItsCookiesAndKay April 29, 2011
Sydney is beautiful. She very very very sarcastic but when you need her to be she is serious. She doesn't care what people think of her so if you don't like just tell her. She is good at sports mostly soccer and basketball, she got one bad-ass kick so if you fuck her out your screwed. She may not be the most popular but she hangs out with one of the most popular girls and is loved by everyone but doesn't know it. She is loving and prefers serious relationships- don't ever cheat on Sydney she will get back at you in one way or another. Sydney has a wide vocab of naughty words that she will shout in public at you not matter who hears. She isn't afraid to stand up to people and tell them whats on her mind. If she doesn't like you, you know it. Shes just all around peachy. She is tall usually tall, light brown hair (almost blond) with a tiny bit of red in it, she has little eyes that are hazel but prettiest when the turn green, she doesn't have the best teeth but her beautiful face makes up for that. Sydney s are usually amazing and everyone wants to be friends with her. She not shy like she used to be and will let anyone be her friend as long as they want to be. She has huge tits that she gets used for a lot. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with Sydney. Shes got rocken hair and skin. She really doesn't have an ass. She is the straw-to my- berry.
See that girl over there
Yeah Shes beautiful
That's my girl Sydney imma gonna ask her out
Dude you lucky son of a bitch don't you ever do anything to hurt her
I won't shes too good for that..... and me

Wow whos that?
Oh thats Sydney
Shes hot and has some big ass tits
She hates when people say that
Well shes beautiful
by garlic-salt..... December 05, 2011
Sydney is someone who you can always trust. Her outgoing attitude may make you think otherwise, but she never tells anything. She is gorgeous. Occasional freckles, brown eyes, brunette, sexy body, tan, and perfect. BEAUTIFUL smile. Her positive attitude and radiance can brighten anyone's day. Being single is her thang. Once you hurt her, you are done. And if she isn't accepted, she doesnt care. She doesnt point out flaws, because she finds no point. She makes wise decisions. People around her encourage her to do bad things, but she has never accepted. She has more common sense than anyone. Is a big reader. But tries to excell in school even if its hard. Generally a soccer or volleyball player, modest about her incredible skill and speed. Can kick your a$$ and doesnt give payback only if it is 100% needed. Really funny. She is so confident and secure about herself that her amazing personallity just comes with the package. Dont get on her bad side, trust me. NEVER make the mistake of losing her because she is really hard to get back. Ideal for Long-Term relationships, and does only what is needed. Whoever meets her, automattically falls head over heels.
She is perfect in every way, and if you dont believe this...than im sorry, you're an idiot.
That girl over there is amazing. She must be a Sydney.
by dropitlikeitshawtt June 23, 2011
Sydney is an adorable girl with a happy attitude and a spirit for adventure. She tends to be shy in certain situations, yet super outgoing in others. Sydney is athletic and very strong-willed and hardworking, specifically an amazing runner. She's super competitive and lets nothing get in her way. She doesn't see what others see in her, yet she is usually confident. Blonde, greenish-blue eyes and average height. Sydney is VERY music obsessed and artistic. She lives for a good book, and enjoys writing them as well. She's highly intelligent and has a big vocabulary, she's very good in school. Sydney is DEF the best person to have deep conversations with. It's hard for Sydney to say no, as she's really nice and almost too kind. :) She is also very smiley and positive in every situation. She says it like it is, and is upfront about everything. Sydney is never afraid to be her unique, hyper, random, and kinda crazy self. The best part about her though? She has this contagious vibe of happiness and fun that she passes on to everyone else. If you're EVER lucky enough to talk to a Sydney, go for it. You won't regret it, she'll change your life for the better. :)
Sydney and perfection are synonyms fo shizzle!
by 18marras July 29, 2014
She i sometimes shy, but she has inner beauty and talent that she doesn't even know. She often is inappropriate, but not so much that no one wants to be around her. She has siblings. Often a rose hidden in thorns. She is to easily overlooked. She is very loyal to her friends. Every now and then make a boy fall head-over-heals for her. Often rejects boys, searching for the right 'first time' (if you know what I mean). Not often asked out, but admired by all, boys and girls. Has a French name meaning wide meadow (?). Is very beautiful, not hot or cute. Can also be described as gorgeous. Has too many friends to count. Or the other way around, too little. Has great hair. Eyes that can be described as weird and beautiful at the same time. Will take over your heart without mercy.
Your friends with Sydney right? Can I join your group?
by I know all about Sydney January 26, 2014
very talented, amazing and usually does theatre. She is meant to be on broadway, and she will be one day. She is gorgeous, and has a lot of friends. Everyone wants to be like her. She can make you laugh until you piss your pants, and help you when your sad. She is always ther for you when you need her but if you hurt her your done. No going back. She always ends up getting hurt, but she keeps going. She is a strong girl, bubbly personality and shines. She will be your best friend or your worst enemy. Dont get on her badside! She loves helping people out!
"Is that sydney? She's amazing!"
"Sydney is an amazing singer, she is so good she should be on broadway one day!"

"Star on the rise"
"Man I'm happy to be sydney's boyfriend"
by svogel21 November 27, 2013
Easily the cutest girl youll ever meet. Once you look into her eyes therell be no going back. <3 . Shes wild, unpredictable and really wierd, but shes worth the ride. She often pretends to be a sea lion or cat but thats what makes her a sydney. She doesnt see much of herself, yet everyone around her likes her instantly. She cares too much about what others think of her, even strangers, although she shouldnt have too. She doesnt realize that every one of her flaws makes her even more perfect. Shes sexual and good at it; she can tease and get dirty yet shes also the type of girl that youd want to just embrace and hug her for ever. Shes a loyal friend who you can talk too about anything and everything for hours at a time. shes a hotty with a body, and a cutie with a booty. Shes more addictive than any drug, you wont be able to stop talking to her. You cant get mad at her even if you try. Shes beyond adorable but also sexy, boys come in options for her. But theres this one boy thatd like to keep her for himself. He likes making her laugh just to see her smile. He thinks about her all the time, and cant possibly even think about hurting her. Hed literally do anything for her. Shes his everything. Shes simply perfect.

shes also very loveable, so awsome and so fluffy.
Is she cute? she must be a sydney
"bro shes really wierd, I think she tried too moo at me." "typical sydney"
by Blarrfub December 11, 2013
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