One very attractive girl.she has nice legs, a good butt. she's smart, she's funny and on top of it she has the greatest smile in the world. she is the most caring and loving person you will ever meet. she will make your heart sing
WOW! that girl is amazing! she must be a sydney!
by rower1023 December 07, 2010
The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She's hilarious, witty, sweet, and she is an amazing friend. She's much tougher than you'd like to assume. If you mess with her, (I suggest you don't), but if you so happened to, she will call you out on your STD's..using words you've probably never even heard of. I'd tap a Sydney, any day, anywhere, under ANY circumstances.
"Dude did you see that sexy girl beating that whore with a stick?"
"Yea, thats Sydney!"
by Petey55555 April 21, 2010
The most amazing girl anyone will ever meet, the most beautiful girl to ever walk the earth, the cutest girl ever, from head to toe and inside and out she is 100% cute, pretty much prefect, a person of pure awesomeness, she is the highest degree of absolute righteous-ness. She is like nothing you have met, because she’s so incredibly fantastic. Nothing can stop her from being the bomb diggity times infinity, she is definitely the bees knees.
She hits hard but if you can take it, the outcome is worth it. Although she’s very sarcastic, her presence is what gets many through a hard day. She is usually very random. She can make anyone laugh at the stupidest stuff.
She is a very pretty girl, who is desired by many. Everyone she meets falls head over heals for her in an instant. She makes the best girlfriend.
If your not a Sydney you suck at life. Which is why everyone should have a friend like Sydney!
I had so much fun with Sydney, last night.

Sydney is so amazing.
by Antia Shwer December 01, 2010
the girl that can make you laugh with just a stupid remark.
also the girl that you can talk to one time and become best friends with her! really tall but extremely pretty! she also helped me learn how to light a liter. super duper duper duper nice to everyone! and isn't afraid to do anything, like to go up to a stranger and ask for the number! :)
she is the nicest,tallest,prettiest,funniest sydney i have ever met! iloveyou
Wow, who is that smokin' girl walking in the door, oh thats just Sydney Verrett.

Dang that girl is so nice! I know man, she is a sydney verrett!
by lauren seeeMAW June 22, 2009
cool, amazing,fun active
by sraiff February 10, 2009
A very nice girl. Sydneys are generally very nice, kind, atheletic, big readers although maybe not the best in school. Sydney is very beautiful but will deny and reject almost any compliment, she is very modest. She will have big dreams often leading her toward an artistic area. Sydneys often have big trust issues and are prone to heart break. This is a girl that you dont want to hurt because you never know if you will get her back. Sydneys will generally have very nice eyes and hair. She will refuse to be a stereotype and often is very seperate from the popular crowd. She will always find great friends though.
Sydneys are girls like no other <3
See that girl Sydney over there? She is so nice, I wish she would talk to me. To shy I guess.
by Angel652 June 15, 2011
biggest city in australia. it is a unique city to live in cos of its warm weather, strong cultural diverstiy and nightlife. congested roads and public transport, crime rates and expensive property are often critised by other states.

unlike melbourners.. sydneysiders are not afraid to admit that melbourne is the entertainment capital (concerts, movie stars, casinos) and queensland has the best beaches and weather.
melbourners dont like sydney cos they live in the cold under grey skys all year which makes them grumpy.
by dragracer March 20, 2006

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