A girl that demands tons of hot pockets! she will chew your head off if you talk to her wrongly. Is a freind of craig who is abnormaly tall. Sydnee can fly with her legs and has little tiny ears. She wants to cut adams arms off. We are currently in spanish class and this has nothing to do with sydnee. She is cool and she is blonde and likes gum. She hates madison and wants to cut his head off.
craig: Hey Sydnee how are you?

Sydnee: I hate madison
by Jesus christ almighty craiger February 22, 2010
A camel like person that looks like a camel and eats camel food. sHE HAS A BIG TOUNG WITH A SACK IN IT . it stores water. LOl lives in south africa. and amber and fran hate her
camel nlike person named sydnee
by franandamber January 10, 2012
1. A physco bitch who befriends all your friends to make you jealous after you break up. 2. Slut or a Ho. 3. a girl who sleeps with your roomate to piss you off.
1. "your being a total sydnee!!"
2. "she's such a sydnee"
3. Roomate: "dude I'm sorry.."
Victom: "It's cool bro..she's a sydnee"
by zx fuckin petey xz August 25, 2010
A little girl with extremely large and gross breasts. She jiggles when she walks and kind of looks like a man. Completely unoriginal. Pretty annoying. Makes little children cry and old woman commit suicide. But I love her!!!!
Look mommy, its a Sydnee!!
Get away from that filthy thing Jimmy!!
by HarleyQUIIIIIN!!! December 07, 2010
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