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Hey do u wanna swurl? what should we well we can swurl than decide.

Friend 1-"hey would you fuck her "
Freind 2-" idk maybe .depends on have i been drinking ,can i swurl right before , theres lots of factors that change my answer"
by strawberryswurl April 23, 2013
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When a girl sticks her head in the toilet, while receiving anal.

The act of holding the victim upside down with his or her head in the toilet bowl, and flushing. Typically perpetrated by two or more older, larger individuals. Instances of swirling have been prosecuted in courts.

Derivative from "swirly"
She got swurlied
by the_fawk February 15, 2009
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Act of swinging URLs by trying various URLS minimised and thus coming on various sites simultaneously.
Get in that swURL, baby!
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
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