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A weapon from days gone by that has yet to be equalled for its sheer simplicity and elegance; A thing that at its simplest is a long knife with different rules and expectations as well as some different techniques from standard knife fighting. Also this is a weapon that inspires fear and devotion.
Just ask all the Kendoka and Martial Artists; Check out Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. Oh, Yes; Note that the scimitar , a sword originating in the Middle East, was one that was wielded by the Saracens(Ancestors to the present day's population) and wielded "blade to the wind", the right way, to be true...

ii) In the parlance of today, however, a sword is merely an erect penis, as a nod to freudian psychoanalytic theory...
The ancient Persians had a disconcerting habit of scaring their adversaries by standing in ranks on the battlefield and holding their sword in the air and allowing the wind to be cut as it blew throug their ranks... This sort of thing was what originated the modern day military's honor guard's drill command and movement known as "blades to the wind".
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
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Don't fuckin' touch swords!
Swords'll cut your fuckin' hands off!
by Douglas Young September 23, 2007
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Next to the gun, mans best friend in terms of weaponry. It is basically a bladed instrument whose primary funtion is to be used as an offensive weapon. Many cultures produced unique swords. Sword production goes back thousands of years when man first learned to manipulate metals and inproved greatly throughout time. Japanse focused sword creation on impressive katanas with notorious slicing properties. Middle Eastern swords aka scimitars had curved blades for quick strikes and fast combat. Swords from ancient Medderterainia were short and used more for stabbing opponents. Europeans created long heavy swords for brutally smashing, hacking and cleaving enemies.
by ohwefoh September 25, 2006
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jeanette painfully played with grant's sword last night.
by zeroman3000 January 03, 2009
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Michael Moorcock is an author of fantasy literature that features swords. Think about it.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005
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The ultimate weapon. Takes true skill to use and best your opponent with. Excellent for close range combat for the bravest and best warriors. Far suppior to the gun which is a pussy weapon for cowards to scared to get in close to their victum. Unlike the gun the sword cannot run out of ammo and will not jam which makes it perfect for multiple attacks in a short time spread or many attacks over longer time spreads.

Takes great skill and time to make effectivly. Many samurai swords had excess of 1,000,000 folds and could slice through a body in a single swing.

Great of slashing, cutting, stabbing, and ultimatly decappitating your enemy.
The ninja waited till his enemy reloaded his gun and attacked while he had to reload.

The samurai was the ultimate warrior and could weild a sword with the grace of a god.
by The Blind Guy March 12, 2009
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1. The act of swordplay with two or more penises; a cockduel.

2. The crossing of urine streams in a fractious manner.
Hey I'm bored; you up for swords?
by Franklin McGee May 28, 2004
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