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Instead of trolling someone's facebook page, this is the act of swolling it. To spam a friend(s) page with multiple phrases like "got swole? too swole. too much swole" repeatedly.
Friend 1. "Bro I was up swolling your page last night"

Friend 2. "I know. I got like 17 notifications."
by tooswoleforyou666 July 30, 2011
the in between of swelling and swollen
is hand was swolling as it swelled swollenly
by Melindaayzing April 15, 2011
The act of of becoming swole or muscular, and looking like a douche bag. Term often used by football players.
"Trenton said he's going swolling."
"He's such a douche bag."
by Darkflufatron June 02, 2016
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