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Part of a guy's stubble where the hair grows in a circular direction, reminiscent of Van Gogh's The Starry Night.
Dude, when did you last shave? I can see your swirly.
by Kathryn Marchetti May 21, 2008
75 254
The process of sticking someone's head in the toilet and flushing
I gave that retard a swirly!
by 2dFx December 09, 2002
793 148
Feeling adventurous, acting outside of ordinary habit.
Sometimes when I j/o and I'm feeling swirly I'll put a finger in my butt.

Person 1: You feeling swirly?
Person 2: Nah, I'm just going to browse reddit for the day as usual...
by Dan Tomson July 29, 2011
77 140
adjective used to describe people who are showing effects of GHB. Commonly followed by the word bitch, as in "swirly bitch"
We dosed and then got all swirly.
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
56 237
when a girl sticks her head in the toilet, while receiving anal.

caution: may drown girl.
i gave steph an amazing swirly last night.
by JennAshSteph March 19, 2008
118 310
1) A type of blow job in which the girl constantly tilts her head back and forth. 2) A local girl known for doing definition 1)
That bitch blows almost as good as swirly
by MBC April 02, 2003
101 298
1) A nickname for a pure legend
2) A type of sexual act two homos would do
1) only swirly would do that!
2) dude, the thought of them doing a swirly is sick!
by theswirly November 17, 2003
13 219