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1.Pretty Cool
2.The Coolest thing ever, Nothing is cooler then this
1. Oh well that was pretty swip.
2.OMFG Dude that was so swip!
by Winsor July 06, 2003
A combination of the words 'switch' and 'swap'
You should swip seats to be closer to the tv
by Sping October 03, 2008
a swag sip
damn that girl just took a swip of my blue moon
by danny ramdatass November 19, 2011
A swip is a combination of taking a swig of a drink and a sip, resulting in an action somewhere in between.
You go to take a swig of your drink but only actually take a small amount of fluid.

You go to have a sip and instead swallow a large amount of fluid.

"Would you like to try my drink?"
"Okay, I'll just have a quick swip."
by ChimpAndy January 11, 2008
SWIP is a abbreviation for; super weird in person.
When you use SWIP, you let the people know that on social media they look/act normal, but in real life they're crazy like coconuts.
Friend: You're SWIP!!! Normal on instagram, weird in real life lol !
by hellarad1314 January 30, 2014
A shorter way to say sweaty arm pits, swips.
Gosh, I can never escape the gym without swips. I've ruined 10 t-shirts already. I have swip stains everywhere!
by kikcrs February 26, 2010
In between a sip and a swig.
The girl: I want my beer !!
Me: Alright, but don't glug it, swip it !
by Feyhra May 05, 2008