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To massage someone elses head or scalp.
The Gal: Squwb me !
Me: Scrub? You calling me a scrubber?
The Gal: No SQUWB me!!
by Feyhra March 22, 2008
In between a sip and a swig.
The girl: I want my beer !!
Me: Alright, but don't glug it, swip it !
by Feyhra May 05, 2008
A cross between a stroke and a tickle.
Me: sweetheart, do you fancy a strikkle?
The Gal: Oh, what's one of those?
Me: Come here and find out!!
..Strikkle, strikkle, strikkle.
The Gal: I want you to strikkle me all the time! I loves it, I does!
by Feyhra August 29, 2008

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