A disease that is ravaging that land of the united states. Some say it is fake while others say that it is Obama's way to block up the border and stop the immigration of mexicans into america. (Even though he claims he is for opening the border)
While others blame former president bush saying that it is his fault that the mexicans created this disease because it is their revenge on us for not allowing them to cross the our lands.
Random Mexican 1:Damn essay im pissed off at them damn gringos for closing off the border

Random Mexican 2:Well homes what can we do

Random Mexican 3:Well them damn chinks came up with the bird flu.

Random Mexican 1:Damn pigs... wait, thats what we will call it. swine flu
by +2 April 30, 2009
when there are several police officers present in a short period of time.

Origin: Police officers are commonly known as pigs.
Damn I better wait to light this till after we're out of this swine flue pandemic.
by Ed-G-Z from North New-Jeezy May 04, 2009
The Swine flu is the sick feeling you get when you wake up next to a fat girl, whore, skank, slut or other non-desirable form of monster.
When I woke up and saw her laying there I knew I had contracted a case of the swine flu. Known to cause instant regret and years of therapy. The swine flu gives you the same feeling you get after you eat at KFC. "Oh God, why did I just do that? I
feel like shit. I have to get the fuck outta here."

by RBN33 April 27, 2009
A feeling that comes across an individual when the presence of police, or pigs as they are better known, is so disturbing that it causes one to be sick to their stomach.
All those pigs harassing my friend gave me swine flu.
by RT Pro-America April 28, 2009
A fictional horrible disease that turns your head into a pig. It can be cured by grilling bacon.
Hey, what's that label say? "Swine Flu"?
by Mekano April 26, 2009
A sickness brought on by sleeping with a horribly unattractive person. Usually contracted during consumption of massive amounts of alcohol. The illness leaves the person feeling sick to stomach, dirty, depressed, and unwilling to leave the house.
guy1: Hey wanna ride with me over to the party tonight.
guy2: Nah man I'm staying in, last night I contracted a horrible case of swine flu.
guy1: Yeah I saw you leave with that walrus of a woman.
guy2: You ASS! Why didn't you stop me and give me a back handed flu vaccination before I went and got all sick.

by DCSIM April 27, 2009
The Swine Flu; also known as porker virus, is becoming an epidemic throughout North America. It is considered to curl your nose up and will make you snort like a pig when you laugh. The Swine Flu originated from Mexico because the pigs there ate radioactive shit. This is now spreading throughout the United States. Please grab the people closest to you and stay away from pork, and people that look like pigs.
Guy 1: Dude! Did you see Eric? He looks like a pig.

Guy 2: Stay away from him he has the Swine Flu.
by Crysis93 April 28, 2009
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