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A Swigger is the new Swedish person. Selfish thief that likes to rape a girl or two. Color is black.
Swedish police stops a car after a robbery.

Sweden police: Get out of the car now, hands on the hood.

Driver: Arent you being the "racist of the day" now? Im jewish, dont you remember the holocoast?

Sweden police: Ok you are free to go, however you look like a nigger with "PUT", a swigger that is.

Driver: People comes in all shades, the black ones is the best.

Sweden police: That is so true Sir, have a nice day you jewish swigger, and dont spend the money in one day!
by Bengt B Terror April 07, 2009
Man that guy is such a swigger
by rawr17 January 07, 2010
dude 1: " man, did you see Derail in gym today?" Dude 2: " Yeah man! He was one Swigger after showing us all up in basketball!"
by Jikobe Jeriko March 25, 2012
A swag black guy
Man that black kid is so cool, he's a swigger.
by BDemp October 07, 2010
A sweaty Caucasian male who believes himself to be black.
"Check out Karlson and Spencer, they are the biggest swiggers around"
by Karlson and Spencer November 01, 2008
a sk8in wigger
by odis dic November 04, 2003